TechSpeak for Entrepreneurs bootcamp recap

Event date: October 18 2014

Wall Street was the scene where entrepreneurs from across the country converged at DevBootcamp NYC to participate in the eighth TechSpeak for Entrepreneurs 2-day BootCamp. They came from California, Pennsylvania, Illinois, New York, and even two brothers from Kansas and Colorado joined us…it was a very eclectic group.  They were advertising executives, gamers, mathematicians, designers, chefs, researchers, app developers and more and all ready to learn, learn, learn. It was a testament to how the technology component of their business, any business, is becoming more and more important to success and how important it is to learn the technical process if you are going to lead the venture.
“I felt like I got my money’s worth in the first 90 minutes of being there…invaluable advice!”
Tim Petrella
TechSpeak for Entrepreneurs is an intensive 2-day bootcamp created and presented by Nelly Yusupova (aka digitalwoman), the Webgrrls International CTO. We learned about customer interviews, the Lean and Agile development process and all of the tools that will help us, and the best practices to communicate with development teams so they know exactly what needs to be developed ensuring we minimize costly mistakes.
“TechSpeak will show you the ins and outs of taking you idea from paper and pencil, to actual execution. The amount of information that you can learn in two days is incredible.”
Patrick Weaver
“Nelly de-mystified the process of developing a tech project, how to build a strong team, and how to communicate with your development team. She has made a whole world of tech ideas real possibilities that I am excited to test!”
Crystal Hayes – Owner, Identity Products
The feedback, so far, has been fantastic and shows that the interactivity and hands-on experiences were the best part and that all of the sessions were very well received. Wireframing and prototyping, customer development and analytic and metrics, were tied for the favorite sessions with hiring the team, using API’s, and learning the ins and outs of outsourcing were the next favorites. Best resource…the workbook!
“TechSpeak provided answers to questions I didn’t even know to ask”
Shanthi Marie Blanchard – Digital Strategist
After two days of “whoosh, that was intense”, there was exhaustion mixed with excitement and we all committed to incorporating and achieving three things we learned within the next two weeks. Goals were set and accountability was accepted.
“It was amazing to have a savvy, high energy, articulate CTO like Nelly Yusupova take the time to teach us how to optimize the process of developing our products on time and on budget.  I’ve wasted no time putting the learning into action.” 
Marian Knowles – President and Founder, Off Duty Chef, Inc

The next TechSpeak for Entrepreneurs Bootcamp is slated for early Spring 2015. Sign up to the TechSpeak newsletter to get updates about all upcoming events.  We look forward to seeing you all there.

A great big thank you goes out to Lloyd, Kimberly, and Melissa from DevBootcamp NYC for their hospitality and for hosting TechSpeak for Entrepreneurs!

More Testimonials from the attendees
“I can do so much more that I thought…Nelly is fantastic! She took me from completely technologically inept to understanding so much more about the process and what it takes to create my ideas. Her passion totally shines through.”
Elisabeth Cardiello – Founder/CEO, Caffe Unimatic, Inc
“The workshop was absolutely inspiring! I feel motivated and empowered to get my startup going, knowing that it is easier than I thought.”
Lyuba Kharitonova – Marketing Researcher, GameLink
“TechSpeak was an incredible experience. I’ve done a 4 month accelerator course, and 80% of the things taught this weekend I was learning for the first time. Every single session had so many take aways…there wasn’t one minute of time wasted.”
Sabrina Noorani, Founder of ClearForMe
“TechSpeak will show you the ins and outs of taking you idea from paper and pencil, to actual execution. The amount of information that you can learn in two days is incredible.”
Patrick Weaver