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“Thank you Webgrrls. The quality of candidates from Webgrrls International has been terrific and I was not overly inundated with resumes that didn't fit”

-- Dawn Caswell - HR/recruiter

Webgrrl members have demonstrated that they are more serious about their careers by the simple fact that they invest their time, mind and money to join our organization and leverage all of the resources that are available to them. Simply put, they are more serious candidates.

Webgrrls members are technically savvy women (98% female audience) who want to propel their careers forward. The jobs posted on the website will be advertised to all of the local chapters that are near to your job location. Have a look at the demographics of our members.

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The jobs posted in the Webgrrls JobBank are from companies who are demonstrating that they want to ensure they have a diverse candidate pool from which to choose their team members.

The Webgrrls JobBank is a service for Webgrrls International members that allows job seekers to search for jobs, apply using our functionality, and track correspondence with potential employers.