Technology changes at the speed of light.

All Webgrrls International activities are suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Don't do it alone. With Technology changing at the speed of light, women from all walks of life join webgrrls to “stay in the know”, discuss the latest tech trends, support each other through business and technology issues, and develop new business contacts and friends.

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Get answers and advice by tapping in to the knowledge and experience of our member base. Connect and interact with other members by exchanging stories, ideas, insights, tips about technology, careers, business and more.

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Our in-depth how-to classes will help you learn the tools and the technologies that can help accelerate your career and or business.

Hire a Webgrrl

Webgrrl members have demonstrated that they are more Serious about their careers by the simple fact that they invest their time, mind and money to join our organization and leverage all of the resources that are available to them. Simply put, they are more serious candidates.

Get the job you'll love

The jobs posted in the Webgrrls JobBank are from companies who are demonstrating that they want to ensure they have a diverse candidate pool from which to choose their team members.

Reasons you’ll love Webgrrls

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Kathryn Jones

“What a wonderfully diverse group of mature, intelligent, creative women. Exactly the kind of people with whom I hope to build both businesses and friendships”

- Kathryn Jones
Susanne Schropp

“Webgrrls network in style! I always walk away with a treasure trove of contacts, ideas and inspirations.”

- Susanne Schropp
Clare Ultimo

“The brainy, generous Webgrrls take the techie world apart piece by piece and put it back together so everyone GETS it. You gotta love this group!”

- Clare Ultimo

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