About Webgrrls

Webgrrls International, founded in New York City on April 29, 1995, has been on the forefront of the women’s movement online for nearly 16 years. The Webgrrls International mission has been to empower women through technology and encourage women to learn about, coursework service embrace and leverage the technology and the tools of the Internet, to help them propel their careers and businesses forward and help them strive for and achieve success…however they define it.

From Seattle, then Silicon Valley, to Charlotte, to San Diego and San Francisco, to Atlanta and Miami, to Long Island, to Boston and the Twin Cities etc., the organization grew exponentially. Women in other locations were discovering the Webgrrls International website and movement and wanted to get involved to give local women a local forum, with a national and international reach, to meet with, support and encourage one another, to share job leads and find strategic alliances and explore business opportunities and also began offering HTML and Photoshop classes, organizing speaking events and presentations for members, and fielding calls from the media (link) who were fascinated by this incredible grassroots organization for women in the exciting new media industry.

From the early days organizing the first Webgrrls International Technology Expo in 1996, instant homework help to the first International Webgrrls Day in ’97, to developing the ongoing Team Webgrrls Out Reach programs, to today with the Webgrrls JobBank, the Group Discussion lists, the member profiles, our small business resources, the Webgrrls Wisdom Blog with chapter across the United States and around the world, we, as Webgrrls, are growing an incredible organization for women who want to be empowered, want to help one another succeed, and are taking charge of technology for their personal and professional gain.