Improve Digital Health + Networking meeting

Event date: January 16, 2014

NYC Webgrrls had its first event of the year on January 16, at Thoughtworks, a company that creates both software and positive social change. The discussion topic of the night was how to improve digital “health” or how to better manage your time online, stay mobile, and keep your data backed up.
When your job requires you to use email and social media, how do you avoid wasting time? NYC Chapter Leader Nelly Yusupova talked about this, sharing the tools and processes she uses to manage email, time and contacts. She also discussed backups and being mobile. Others jumped in to share their tools and best practices to stay productive.
There was so much to say on this topic that we used most of our time eagerly discussing it. It just shows how much there is to know about maintaining your digital health that many of us don’t always think about.
Some key takeaways include:
  • Prioritize tasks
  • Switch between high and low attention tasks
  • Limit interruptions – it can take 15 minutes to regain focus
  • Schedule social media and email time
  • Get enough sleep, food and exercise to maintain energy and focus
  • Batch tasks to limit task switching
We didn’t let the time crunch keep us from getting down to Webgrrls basics. The 30-second introductions became 20 seconds so that everyone could present themselves, what they need, and what they can offer. The needs/gives ranged from nutrition counseling to social media advice to closet rejuvenation. Everyone can benefit from a Webgrrls networking meeting. Beside web designers and online marketers, we had career coaches, lawyers, realtors, and even a psychotherapist in the room.
We ended with some quick informal networking, where many Webgrrls zeroed in on someone who had a need or give that was the perfect fit.

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