Reddit as a Marketing Platform + Networking meeting

Event date: July 15 2014


Webgrrls empowers women to embrace technology, and meetings like the one on Tuesday, July 15, are geared to do just that! Our monthly events have educational and networking components so that attendees can both learn and make contacts. Members of Webgrrls have the added benefit of logging into the website to see all who attended the event and connecting with anyone they missed in person.
“This is the first event that I attended. It was very educational. People were very welcoming and made me feel at home. I will join the organization.”
Dorcas Garcia, Graphic Designer
Chapter Leader Nelly Yusupova welcomed Webgrrls old and new, then launched the discussion of Reddit. With 5 billion monthly pageviews and a highly engaged audience, Reddit is becoming one of the most influential social media platforms. This tightly knit online community and the fastest growing social space in America can initially seem overwhelming, so Nelly broke it down for us.
Reddit has more than 5,000 topics. These are called Subreddits and finding the best one to post your content is key. But you can’t just sign up and start posting your own links, Reddit works a little differently from social media sites you may be used to using.

The only way to market on Reddit is not to market at all. To be successful on Reddit, you have to genuinely contribute to the community. Keep in mind that it is very easy to get tagged as spam, especially when you are new and have low karma, which is your collection of goodwill gained by posting links and comments.

  • Don’t even think about posting your own content until you reach 150 karma points.
  • Always share others’ content first.

Once you’ve been around awhile, though, try posting your own links. Nelly suggests a 5:1 ratio of posting other people’s links to your own. And pay attention to feedback. If you start getting voted down, delete the post.

How can Reddit be useful to you and your business? It’s great for market research. Find your niche and see what people are posting and discussing. Use the “Ask Reddit” Subreddit to post a question or “I am a…” to answer questions. Advertise, it’s cheap. Just remember that even ads must be interesting and valuable content or will be ignored. Nelly also suggested becoming part of a popular topic and being a top commenter. Again, success only comes by being a genuine part of the community.
“Nelly’s guidance and the interactive audience comments and suggestions provided a valuable road map to understanding the Reddit platform. I now have the knowledge to strategically develop a marketing plan, if and when the time is right to purse Reddit as a marketing channel”. 
Kelly Grove
Kelly Grove, Digital Marketer
After the discussion, everyone took 30 seconds to introduce themselves and present needs and offers to the group. Needs/gives of the night included freelance graphic design jobs, business advice, digital marketing strategies, and even Google Glass experience. Informal networking was next, when Webgrrls had the opportunity to connect more personally with others and exchange business cards and opportunities.

Enjoy the rest of the summer, and we hope to see you at our next event in September!