Webgrrls Membership

I am grateful to be a part of an organization with members who care about each other’s careers and want each other’s businesses to succeed!

–Kristin Vincent


Information Architecht
NYC Webgrrls

A wonderful support group in addition to a great networking group. The atmosphere is always supportive of everyone,
wherever they are in their career path. Especially helpful if you are in transition from employee to entrepreneur.

–Henrietta Stern


The Center for Holistic Arts

I think it is a great idea for people to get together and share both their needs and willingness to help others.
I feel that what goes around comes around, and this group seems to share that philosophy. Thank you very much!

–Candy Benge


Singer, Actress, Computer Trainer/Word Processing/Desktop Publishing at EssayBasics.Com

As the owner of a Web design company, the Webgrrls mailing list has been an excellent way to find freelancers and
interns looking for design experience. It has also been a terrific way to stay informed about special events and
lectures, whether it’s about being in the Web business, being a woman or being an entrepreneur. Webgrrls is the best!
Keep up the good work!

–Bessie Halsey


Managing Partner, BMH Solutions
NYC Webgrrls

I found and joined Webgrrls in Los Angeles a short while ago and was amazed at the level of technical and design skill the other members had. Best of all, so many of them were independent, which is where I wanted to go. They were an inspiration and a support arm to help me break out on my own, and I consider it a successful move.
I still and probably always will rely on Webgrrls to help me find resources and support when I need it.

–Ingrid Moon


LA Webgrrls

I just want to thank Webgrrls for helping me get in the door! I found Webgrrls about 3 years ago when I just got
my computer and was surfing the Web. Put my name on the list and eventually went to a Basic HTML class.
I eventually did my own Web page and continued to dabble in hosting chats, message boards and the Food Forum in
the Cybergrrl Village. I have just been accepted as the Miami Visitors Guide — I am forever thankful to Webgrrls
for getting me started!

–Audrey Parker


South Florida Webgrrls
Do you have a Webgrrls success story to share? Let us know about your inspiration!